MHT (Misión Honduras Tegucigalpa) has a unique and rich history as it fulfills its part in filling the whole earth with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. This page will be dedicated to the legacy that can be found throughout the records we have of how it was formed and where it plans on going in the future.

☆How It Came To Be☆

Honduras was first included in the expansive missionary effort of the church as part of the Mexican Mission that was founded June 8, 1901, although during this time, there was no missionary work taking place within the country itself. As the missions became easier to access and more people began to serve, Honduras followed a succession of being included in combined missionary efforts, recognized as part of the Central American Mission of November 16, 1952, followed by the Central America Mission, which separated the Central American missionary effort entirely in the first of June, 1970. From there it was placed under the presided effort in the Costa Rica San José Mission on June 20th, 1974, until it established its own mission boundaries within  the country, coinciding with the growth of the church, February 1st, 1980. Later in its history, the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission would divide twice to expand and localize missionary efforts in both the northern/western and central regions of the country, establishing the San Pedro Sula and Comayagüela Mission respectively. Thus, the Tegucigalpa was formed to maintain missionary efforts particularly in the southern region of Honduras.

☆How The Church Started In Honduras☆

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints did not arrive in Honduras until the year 1952. It was during this year in the month of November that Elder Spencer W. Kimball, Elder Bruce R. McConkie, and President Gordon M. Romney of the Central American Mission (1952-1955) opened up missionary efforts in the country. They came to Honduras for  a couple days and paid calls on officials in the government to include the President of Honduras and the Minister of Religion.

President Gordon M. Romney in his service in Honduras, shared a special experience he had when he and the brethren he was accompanying were having breakfast in the hotel at Tegucigalpa:

I was impressed by a waiter who was waiting on our table at the hotel, and I turned to Brother Kimball and said, “Brother Kimball, I like this young man. I am going to give him a tract. I think that he might accept the Gospel.” Brother Kimball, turning to me, said, “President Romney, you are now looking at the first elder in Honduras,” as we had no members, we had no branch in the country of Honduras. I was astonished, and I said, “I hope you are right, and I believe you are right.” (Gordon M. Romney, Conference Report April 1957)

Elder Kimball told President Romney to deliver a copy of the Book of Mormon to the waiter, named José Ortega, on his next trip to Honduras. On December 10, 1952, President Romney returned to Honduras with the first two elders who were to be installed in Honduras, James T. Thorup and George W. Allen. When he visited José Ortega, José told him about how Elder Kimball had wrote him a letter, and he asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon that was promised to him. President Romney gave him the copy and Elder Kimball continued to write José monthly.

On March 21, 1953, the first five people in Honduras were baptized. José Ortega became the first person to enter the waters of baptism in Honduras. The others who were baptizes at this service were Alicia Castanado, Corina de Bustamonte,  Mario A. de Chotria, and Carmen B, Corina. With these five new members, a branch was organized in Tegucigalpa on the next day, March 22, 1953.

☆By The Numbers☆

By 1960 there were 411 members in Honduras, and in just ten years there were 3,000 members.

In another ten years membership more than doubled to 6,300

By 1990 there were 43,000 members in Honduras.

The Year-end total in 1999 was a total of 95,750 members. (1.8% of total population)

☆Mission Organization☆


Esperanza – Current Roster: 16 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Germaine and Houston,

Guaymuras – Current Roster 18 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Prows and Ramirez

Tegucigalpa – Current Roster 19 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Torres and Myers

Uyuca – Current Roster 16 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Clay and Folsom

Travesía – Current Roster 12 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Thompson and Quevedo


Choluteca Este – Current Roster 21 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Concha and Ruiz

Choluteca Oeste – Current Roster 20 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Flores and Garcia

Monjaras – Current Roster 14 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Meyer and VanDyke

Danli – Current Roster 18 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Hall and Jensen

San Lorenzo – Current Roster 14 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Adams and Gonzales

Valle Verde – Current Roster 14 Missionaries, Current Zone Leaders: Elders Harding and Barrera

☆Mission Presidents☆

President Samuel Flores – Served: 1980 – 1983

President VerNon Bingham – Served: 1983 – 1985

President Manuel Najera Served: 1985 – 1988

President Luis Amado – Served: 1990 – 1993

President Salomon Jaar Welchez – Served: 1993 – 1996

President Kim B Beckstead – Served: 1996 – 1999

President Michael Don Anderton – Served: 1999 – 2002

President James Johnston Wilson – Served: 2002 – 2005

President Scott D Farrell – Served: 2005 – 2008

President Luis Gerardo Chaverri – Served: 2008 – 2011

President Carlos A. Hernandez – Served: 2011 – Present


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