Sanchez Vasquez Family, 2/17/2012, Elders Garcia, Carcamo, Martinez

It was the last week of October of 2011. We were on divisions with our mission leader and bishop. This day we had a lot of contacts. One of those contacts was the Sanchez Vazquez Family. When we went there we challenged them to baptism for the 19 of November. Alba, The mom, told us that for now we could talk to her. Before she listened to the missionaries, but never went to church, she was always busy making tortilla and Brother German was always away from the house. When we visited them the sister was always busy, we started to teach the children, but she was always attentive even though she wasn’t sitting with us. At times she would come in when there was no one buying tortillas and listen. Her sons, Lester and Erick, progressed super fast. Every times we went we asked questions about the lessons and they could answer all the questions correctly.

Lester was baptized on November 12, the following week Erick was baptized on the 18th. Sister Alba went to the baptism of Lester and was the first time that she went to church, and for the baptism of Erick, Brother German went to church for the first time. Since Stake Conference was on the 12 and 13 of November, we confirmed the two brothers on the same day. This was the first time Sister Alba assisted a sacrament meeting. We started to see the change in the family. Always Sister Alba would listen to us during the lessons. It was still hard to find Brother German, but one day we were able to talk to the whole family together. We taught about prayer and challenged the whole family to pray together, we talked about the importance of the family to God, and why we need to be together and how we could be a family eternal, and how prayer helps us to be united and complete this purpose. They started to pray as a family and this is when the true change started. There were times where the family felt discouraged, and there were times where they said that they did not want to continue. At this time it was really hard and sad because of all of the problems that were going on. But we never gave up! We knew that they could surpass every obstacle. We did all that we could for them. But the key thing was that they were able to attend church. Really they had become different people. The disposition to learn the gospel was admirable. With humility they completed their commitments, they quit drinking coffee and alcohol, and it was a true miracle of God and a huge blessing for the whole family.

To begin the year we challenged them to read the Book of Mormon, Sister Alba told us that she would read it in one month. She started on January 1st, and when she started she wouldn´t stop. Brother German, told us that “Tell her to not read so much, because all she does is read!” She said “I wake up, get breakfast ready, and I start to read, later I prepare lunch, and then I read until nighttime.” We could see their progress every night. She finished the Book of Mormon in only 15 days. The family was actually reading the Book of Mormon, and now Sister Alba shares her testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel. In her own words, she testifies, “I never knew the Book of Mormon was true because they told me it was true, I needed to know for myself by reading it. It wasn´t until I read the Book of Mormon, until I knew it was true. And now, no one can come and tell me wrong, because I know it´s true.” She invites her friends and families to go to church and listen to the missionaries.

Brother German surpassed every challenge and now has a testimony of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their kids are teenagers, but are true examples, and have been an example for their family. Lester and Erick passed the first step to be baptized in November.

After we have had some difficulties obtaining documents for the wedding because Sister Alba was born in Nicaragua and had to have all of the documents here as a Honduran citizen. As well Brother German had some problems with his, but we were able to achieve and solve this problem within the week of the wedding. In February 17, 2012 they were married. In the same day at 5:30 PM we went down to the baptismal service. They were really emotional to have all of the family, friends attend their baptism. The Holy Ghost was super strong. We did the baptisms first with their daughter Nathaly, following Sister Alba, and after Brother German. It was an experience that cannot be explained, the reverence, the Spirit, and the love that we could all feel from our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. After they hugged and were full of joy. When they entered the water, they felt cold, but when they got out of the water they felt something else. In the words of Brother German, “I feel warmth inside of me.” Everyone that participated could feel this confirmation that Heavenly Father was happy for the ordinance that was done.

After, every one of them shared their testimony of this wonderful work. Brother German said, “If everyone could feel what I am feeling right now, everyone would be baptized.” And Sister Alba shared a very powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and how she said herself, “You know how to know if the Book of Mormon is true? READ IT!!!” and still, to prove that this work is true, Jesus Christ invites us to pray to our Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, with true intentions, to know of all things that are true through the power of the Holy Ghost. This is what the Sanchez Vasquez family did. The Gospel is really simple, and perfect. They continued the invitation and were confirmed and received the Holy Ghost. Families can be together forever!

Elder Carcamo

Elder Garcia

Elder Martinez


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