Elder Folsom and Elder Vasquez, 03/23/2012

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It was the second week that Elder Vazquez and I were together as companions. Every wednesday and Friday we ride our bikes to Chocolate which is a 30 minute bike ride one way. We just got done visiting our Branch President Presidente Marco and when we were leaving to go contact my companion saw someone he knew from his old area. We talked with Miguel Alvarez for a little while and to leave he fave us a reference of his family members that lived right there in Chocolate. They had already heard the missionaries before. We taught that family for about 2 weeks when they failed to keep their commitments and stopped progressing. When we went there, for what we decided would be the last time, the husband of the family gave us a reference for another family. The next week we set a time to go out there and meet them. He took us to a place called Guacuco, which is another 15 minutes on bike. The first time we went to teach Hermana Antonia was the 29th of February. The first lesson with her was about the Restoration. Hermana Antonias face just lit up to the lesson, she had a light in her eyes and when we challenged her and Josue, Yajaira, Juan, and Beiylin for the 23rd of March they all accepted. After the first lesson the family was so excited to share the message with others she gave us 6 references. With one of those references we found Francisco. He is amazing. He is 86 years old and he told us before the baptism that before we came over he had nothing to live for and just wanted to die. With with our first visit he felt the spirit and told us it made him so happy gain and the desire to live. We kept teaching this Family every Wednesday and Friday and they were progressing really fast and coming to church every week which was amazing because they had hardly any money and so Elder Vazquez, Presidente Marco and I all pitched in money to get them here. We had to work hard with Josue and Yajaira because they needed to get married before their date to be baptized and they told us it would be easy because they had everything but the Partidas. So with 2 weeks before their goal to get married and baptized on the 23rd of March we collected everything from them and well they didn’t have anything done. We took out the partidas, had them get all their tests done and that took a week to get that done.

The week of the baptism, the parents of Yajaira had to come and to sign a paper to give permission because she was under the legal age. The parents of Yajaira signed the paper on Tuesday before the wedding and baptism. After we got that signed we went to get that turned in and they told us that Josue needed one too because he as well was a minor. Wednesday morning Antonia came and signed the papers and after that we went to turn them in and the Secretary never showed up that whole day. but thankfully they allowed us to turn them in on Thursday morning. We had the wedding on Friday at 2 in the afternoon and after that we all went to the river to baptize them. We baptized Josue and Yajaira, Antonia, Juan, Beiylin and Francisco were baptized on March 23rd, 2012 and all were confirmed March 25th, 2012. References are a powerful thing even references from nonmembers.

Elder Folsom
Elder Vazquez

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