The Lainez Family, 1/27/2012, Elders Myers and Elder Caal

The Lainez Family, 1/27/2012, Elders Myers and Elder Call

My companion and I met the family Lainez, first when his wife, Xiomara, came to church with her two daughters Kenya and Andrea. Anthony our mission leader identified them and then showed us their house. Sister Xiomara works down there cooking cassava and cupcakes. To meet her, Elder Caal and I went to lunch and started talking to her. Other people were there too and they began to ask about what we do as missionaries and what we believe. With jokes and some facts began to meet his sister.

When we went there the next day Xiomara told us that her husband was sitting there at night, but as we had not known. She told us that we return at night to meet him and invite him to church.

So there we were, again, sitting in the dining room. I was thinking about what to say, how to change the conversation of food to the church. In this moment of indecision came a man, sat down and asked who is this Joseph Smith? WOW! Elder Caal and I started to teach a lesson, catering, in about ten minutes. While we were teaching I realized that the husband of Sister Xiomara, sitting a little behind, was listening diligently. What a blessing! The Lord sent this man to ask of Joseph Smith in a timely manner.

After this day, we spent every day with the whole family, the first person who listened to us was Emilio, their first son. His conversion was something special, he had great faith, and every time we come back he always met the commitments and received answers to his prayers always. Powerful responses. It was a very great privilege to teach Emilio and is still one of my best friends. After Kenya and daughters Andrea, who in the beginning were very sorry to speak with us, we listened.

Up to this point we had not talked to Miguel or Xiomara about their marriage. One night, while eating, we talked about it. Miguel told us that their records were bad and did not appear as single or married, did not appear. He is from San Lorenzo, so we paid the bus so he could go there and get his partida. But when he got there the place was closed.

Elder Caal and I called the leaders of San Lorenzo area and we took out the paper and told us how to registering Miguel. We went this day to the Central File. There we said it could take a month and a half. No! We thought. But since we had the number of the sister who worked there called every 3 days or so. After two weeks the process ended.

Part 2, was to bring these papers to Building Villatoro. There, again, we said it could take longer than a month. But the Lord helped us. Elder Valle, our zone leader, knew a man who worked stake in Building Villatoro, and helped us to finish the second process in some months than a week.

While all of this process with the roles Elder Caal and I prayed and fasted a lot, always with faith that with God all things are possible.

Brother Michael went to San Lorenzo with the papers and took his departure.

Taking everything into account: This process took six months for the brother and Brother Michael, who had the same problem, but for us a little more than a month. I know that the Lord helped us because we and the whole family of Xiomara and Michael, prayed and fasted a lot. We had many moments in doubt as to whether it would happen or not. It was crucial that Elder Caal and I spent every day to encourage and strengthen their faith. Sometimes I hesitated and Elder Caal encouraged me, or sister hesitated and I told her to read Alma 43. Whenever we invited them to pray together and ask for help from the Lord.

One night, the sister and brother were very excited after a lesson we had with Emilio. When asked, they told us that many missionaries had been at home, but always alone was Sister Xiomara and daughters they heard. We were told that Elder Caal and I had something special that encouraged them to make these decisions. It was a moment when I realized that I was fulfilling my purpose as a missionary, and that the Lord really sends people that only we can play in a way they have the courage to change his life. Caal Elder and I were these people Lainez family. What a blessing!

After all Xiomara and Michael were married on January 27 and was baptized with all his family the same day. I cried after baptism, has really been an experience I will never forget.

Elder Caal and I have grown so much with them. Not only is teaching two missionaries and researchers listen. Is that all grow together, both in their faith in Jesus Christ in love to do good things in life. Countless miracles and memorable experiences happened to this family and now I understand why the mission focuses on families. It is so much better when a family is baptized than only one person. Because you know that the whole family will stay together in the church, and they will be blessed as a family.

I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity and my companion Elder Caal. I know that missionary work is truly guided by God. And with the help of the Lord, nothing is impossible.

Elder Myers


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