Familia Amador Raudales, Elders Martinson and Quevedo

Amador Raudales Family

My companion (Elder Quevedo) and I (Elder Martinson) arrived in our area (Buenos Aires, Tegucigalpa) without knowing anyone. We did not have any investigators with a baptismal date neither investigators. We as a companionship we wanted to find as many families as we could. We were planning a day as we were going to do to find new families to teach and suddenly came to my mind an idea, “look in the area book and see the progress reports” every time it says ” Marry ¨ we try to contact the family . Then we put it into practice and called them all, at least 20-30 people had a family name but there was no phone number and part of the address only say “up”.
After calling all the numbers we knelt down in prayer and prayed for the help of our loving Father in Heaven to find a man named Fredis, later that same day we were contacting on the street, at night, my companion and I were talking to people when suddenly a voice ask me without saying hello, sorry, sorry but he said, ‘’aha! and what now where is the church?” I thought he was a less active and gave the address of the church and asked if he was a member of the church and he said no, then I asked for his name, and he replied that his name is Fredis, I kept thinking, I know Fredis … Fredis this name and I suddenly remembered: “Fredis” the progress report in the area book, and we started talking and told us that before missionaries came 2 or 3 times last year but then did not return, and we were agreed to go visit to teach him and his wife.
We arrived home one or two days later and I remember we started doing some simple questions, and the questions were inspired ‘’before you ever wondered which is the church that Jesus left here on earth?’’ And we said yes and we will leave you with a pamphlet of The Restoration and promised that he would find the answer in the booklet. 2 or 3 days after we returned to teach and teach Lesson 1 The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then talk about the part of the Restoration, Fredis told us, “I found my answer in the booklet,” The church that Jesus Left is your church. And when my companion heard that we extended the invitation to be baptized, and was accepted. And when we left home that day I said, “you have received your answer from God but Sunday you will know what this answer means” and on Sunday he and his wife and two girls went to church with us, and after the church told us she likes it a lot, and when he entered the door of the church they felt the Holy Ghost testifying that this is the Church of Jesus Christ.
After some weeks they were married and the next day I was privileged to perform the ordinance of baptism for Fredis Antonio Amador, and my companion for his wife. And last week we went to the temple with them and have the goal to go there next year and sealed as a family for all eternity and are well animated.
I know all this came through a very simple idea and that idea came from the heavens. (Alma 37: 6-7)
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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